Sustainability Statement

At Soul & Tables, we are committed to our social responsibility and take deliberate steps to align with brands that share our core values. Our dedication to sustainability is manifested through four pillars: Quality, Repairability, Recycling, and Logistics.


QUALITY forms the cornerstone of our ethos. We prioritize the sourcing of premium materials while upholding environmental responsibility at all stages of production. Our approach to quality encompasses the following key elements:

  • Wood is Good: Wood stands as a testament to both elegance and environmental responsibility. It boasts not only exceptional beauty but also remarkable sustainability. As one of the sturdiest materials, it endures the trials of time while leaving no ecological footprint. Its ability to be repurposed or recycled into fresh creations or energy sources makes it an exemplar of zero-waste ingenuity. We wholeheartedly embrace wood for its sustainable qualities, and it forms the very core of our dedication to environmental preservation.

  • Thoughtful Sourcing: We are meticulous in selecting the origins of our wood, ensuring its provenance from reputable and sustainable locations. Our brands are FSC certified, which means they went through a thorough review and certification process by FSC to ensure that all the reclaimed wood used complies with international standards - or carry the 100% Indonesian Legal Wood badge, which means the teak wood selection has been certified to come from controlled areas which re-plant and re-forest, to remain sensitive to the environmental impacts of deforestation.

  • Mechanical Excellence: Our commitment to quality extends to the internal components of our products. Notably, our Ethnicraft range is equipped with high-quality mechanisms sourced from renowned brands such as Blum (Austrian), Pöttker (German), and Hettich (German). These precision mechanisms complement our innovative designs, which include features such as extendable dining tables and soft-closing drawers and doors, ensuring the enduring durability of our furniture.

  • Timeless Design: Rooted in the essence of good design, our collections are imbued with character and crafted from enduring materials that gracefully age. We design our products to stand the test of time, fostering a legacy that can be passed down through generations.


REPAIRABILITY: We firmly believe in the longevity of our creations, exemplified by our provision of lifetime warranties and comprehensive maintenance services. Our approach to repairability encompasses the following:

  • Lifetime Warranty: Our dedication to your satisfaction is underscored by lifetime warranty. This warranty applies on all our products made from wood and their associated mechanisms, guarding against manufacturing defects - if any. Outdoor furniture and lightning will enjoy a 3 years warranty.

  • Skilled Restoration: Our team of skilled artisans is equipped to restore your cherished items. Services include the removal of stains, application of varnish, and rejuvenation with protective oils. These services are offered to you at no additional cost.

RECYCLING In our continuous pursuit of sustainability, we introduce a range of furniture crafted from recycled teak. By repurposing this valuable resource, we actively contribute to waste reduction and the mitigation of our environmental impact. 

LOGISTICS: We recognize the pivotal role of efficient logistics in minimizing our ecological footprint. To this end, we offer complimentary delivery services. Our dedicated logistics team meticulously plans deliveries, optimizing routes through a color-coding system tailored to distinct regions. This approach ensures the efficiency and eco-friendliness of our delivery process, resulting in reduced emissions and waste.

At Soul & Tables, our enduring commitment to sustainability transcends mere words. We firmly believe in the imperative of preserving our environment while delivering top-quality furniture that endures the test of time. Our journey towards sustainability persists, and we cordially invite you to join us in making responsible choices for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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