Our Story

About Ethnicraft Online

Ethnicraft Online made its entrance into Singapore in 2012, as the first online branch of international furniture brand Ethnicraft. Since then, we have expanded into Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and China (Shanghai). Quality products, impeccable customer service and convenient shopping form our DNA.

Quality products

Each of our solid wood furnishings are built to last. Our collections are functional, contemporary, and eco-friendly. Whichever product you pick, you'll be guaranteed a one-of-a-kind piece with lifetime warranty!

Impeccable Customer Service

Resolve any queries you have with our friendly and prompt sales support team. We will be with you on every step of your Ethnicraft Online journey!

Convenient Shopping

Make a hassle-free purchase online or visit our showroom to experience the products in person. All the nitty-gritties after purchase will be taken care of by us, with complimentary delivery, disposal, maintenance services and more.

About Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft began with a single container, when Belgian entrepreneur Philippe Delaisse decided to sell some furniture and home decor accessories from his holiday in Indonesia. Long time friend Benoit Loos heard about it and joined forces with Philippe. Since then, Ethnicraft has grown into an international furniture brand whose design philosophy of creating simple, authentic and functional furniture resonates in the global market.

Their timeless, contemporary designs are created with respect for the environment and society, through their in-house product development team and in collaboration with external designers. Ethnicraft products are distributed through the head office in Boom, offices near Marseille, in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, across a growing network of retailers in over 50 countries.

Materials we use

Wood, being a natural material, comes with inherent variations. From texture and colour to grain, knots and other features, they are unique and never quite the same across different pieces. We believe these natural features enhance and add to the allure and character of Ethnicraft furniture.


Our teak wood is sourced from Java in Indonesia where we work closely with the government to replant trees and to ensure that only a certain number of trees are felled each year.

Our teak collections have the following characteristics:

  • Superior quality: At Ethnicraft, we select only the best for our furniture. Hailing from Central and Eastern Java, our teak is harvested from graded, sustainable plantations, with a minimum age of 30 years.
  • Perfectly engineered: All our teak undergo kiln drying to achieve a moisture content of between 8 to 12%. This minimises expansion and contraction of the wood even under extreme conditions. Thoughtfully designed, the construct also allows for expansion and contraction of the wood over the seasons.
  • Exceptionally durable: No other wood shares teak's strength and durability. Teak is a dense hardwood with high natural oil content that helps in repelling termites and moisture. Teak remains in good condition over time, resisting extreme temperatures, and is certainly a discerning investment.


Our oak wood comes from Europe (French and Serbian oak). The oak is sourced from well-managed forests in Europe, which are focused on preserving oak's long-term sustainability and the environment.

Our oak collections have the following characteristics:

  • Natural charm: We take care to preserve oak's unique characteristics. Each piece is presented in its most natural form with knots, eyes and medullary rays -- a unique feature only apparent on quarter-sawn oak.
  • Meticulously crafted: Through every step of the production chain, our oak wood is handled by dedicated and professional craftsmen. Before sealing the carton, the oak is hand-finished with a layer of OSMO oil coating, protecting the wood from the elements.
  • Remarkably adaptable: Do not worry about the temperate origins of oak. All our oak pieces undergo the kiln drying process, making it perfectly suitable for all climates and seasons.

Highest quality mechanisms

Ethnicraft products come with high-quality, lasting mechanisms from Blum, Poettker and Hettich. These mechanisms complement the convenient designs of extendable dining tables, push-to-open drawers, soft-closing drawers and doors.

Lifetime warranty and maintenance

Ethnicraft pieces are manufactured from quality wood and furnished with lasting mechanisms. Should you discover any issues with your Ethnicraft Online purchase, simply contact us and our friendly after-sales support team will be there to assist you.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Wood is the basis of all our products and we take our responsibility to the environment seriously.
We continuously think about the consequences for the environment and take environmental issues to heart.
From the origins of the wood, the energy used in the production and distribution processes, to treatment of the products and reduction of waste, we continually ensure all processes are sustainable, maximise energy efficiency and reduce wastage - playing our part as good stewards of the earth daily.

Our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label

Our commitment to the environment is reflected by the FSC Chain of Custody certification of our distribution centres. Our teak collection is made from 100% FSC certified wood, which guarantees that our products originates from forests that are managed sustainably. FSC is a worldwide independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world's forests.

No energy wastage

We make full use of our materials, so nothing is wasted. Production waste, such as remnants of logs, leftover wood and sawdust are re-used for other purposes. Sawdust from the logs is either used as fuel in the drying ovens or compacted as a base for pallets. Any leftovers from cutting planks to size are re-used as base material or finger joints for panels.