Tips On Buying The Right Sofa

Tips On Buying The Right Sofa
A sofa can be a major investment, especially if quality and design matter to you. As with every big purchase, it always helps to make a checklist of your needs and wants.
  • Can your house accommodate large living room furniture?
  • Do your pieces need to withstand the ravages of pets and pesky kids?
With these questions in mind, along with some helpful tips here, you can avoid making a costly mistake and find the right sofa for your lifestyle. Size Arm yourself with a tape measure and size up the exact measurements of your space – right down to the last centimeter – so you won’t end up with furniture that is too big or too small. It also helps when a furniture store offers myriad sofa sizes. Ethnicraft’s sofa series come in different variations: take your pick from our vintage sofa range or the modular padded sofa to suit the dimensions of your unique living space. Bonus: Soul & Tables also offers a no-questions-asked free return policy, so no harm is done if you got the measurements wrong. Comfort We all dream of spending lazy days lounging on the couch, so obviously, comfort is an important factor to consider when buying a sofa. The foam density of sofa seats plays a big role in comfort: the lower it is, the softer it feels and the happier your butt will be! Soul & Tables takes comfort seriously. The PR Living Milan Sofa offers a combination of duck feathers and foam, while the Axel sofa is a mixture of mid-density foam and fibers. Take a seat on a sofa in their showroom – you’ll never want to get up.  Fabric Synthetic or natural; leather or cloth: the debate over the ideal upholstery never ends. A leather finished armchair looks great but considering Singapore’s tropical climate, natural cloth fabrics are probably more practical. With soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, polyester, and viscose, lounging on one of our sofas won’t be a sweaty, sticky affair. Did we also mention the range of different fabric colors that’s available? From royal blue and camel to sand, grey and beige, it’s going to be hard making a decision. Upkeep Think you’ve found The One? Before you swipe your credit card, consider how the sofa will look a few years down the road. Furniture maintenance is perhaps something you should keep in mind. Why shell out big bucks for furniture pieces with a short shelf life Thankfully, the pieces from Soul & Tables are hardy, long-lasting, and easy on the upkeep.  Knowledge is power – now you’re one step closer to scoring the sofa of your dreams!