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Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep nowadays is akin to being able to catch that elusive Snorlax on ‘Pokemon Go’. It is rare and very much prized.

As we approach the end of the year, the looming sense of “Have I achieved the year’s resolutions?” grows and we find ourselves getting anxious and losing sleep or not sleeping well. You should know the difference between a decent and a good night’s sleep - one merely gets you enough rest for the next day, while the other lets you feel recharged and rejuvenated so deeply that you influence the people around you positively.

Here are essential tips on preparing your bedroom for a good night’s rest!

Back to Basics

If you have a desk-bound job like most of us and a tendency to hunch your back, collapsing into a comfortable and supportive mattress on our elegant Oak Nordic II bed beats any other forms of therapy.

Oak Nordic II Bed

A latex mattress from European Bedding is a great choice as latex mattresses deliver superior spinal support, and are suitable for all kinds of sleepers whether you lie on your back, side, or front. The naturally ‘bouncy’ feel and the way it adjusts to the contours and shape of your body helps provide relief by reducing pressure points, making you feel like you are on cloud nine while you are asleep.

Back to Basics

If you suffer from back issues, you may pick our exclusive Soul & Tables Dual Density Mattress, made of foam and latex, for optimum sleep. Don’t forget about pillows either – depending on whether you like to sleep on your side, back, or front, different pillow firmness will make a world of difference!

Prone to allergies? That is another reason to consider latex mattresses as they are naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant – ensuring that your sleep will not be disrupted by any sneezing or coughing.

Choose Comfort

Getting comfortable in our own bedroom is often easier said than done but choosing the right fabrics will go a long way.

Bedsheets come into direct contact with our skin, so we should be as discerning with them as we are with our mattresses. Keep the colors sweet and fabrics soft with stonewashed linen sheets. The 100% French linen bed sheets from Annette are good choices to start with, especially for our hot and humid weather.

Extend this softness and lightness into your bed frame as well with our Teak Light Frame Bed and Teak Light Frame nightstand and which features thin lines and sleek minimalistic design. This helps to remove unnecessary bulk and weight from your room.

Create Routine and Positive Vibes

A beautiful sleep will help you gain the strength to deal with the daily challenges that life throws at you. So letting your bedroom emanate positive and good energy is a must. You can begin by transforming your bedroom into a gallery of fond memories such as displaying photos of your loved ones or souvenirs that represent great and memorable experiences in the room.

Next, come up with a bedtime routine and stick to it. From putting away electronic devices to relaxing yoga poses to sipping tea and reading a good book, craft your favorite bedroom routine to suit your personal style. Before you know it, you will be falling asleep and be set on a positive virtuous cycle!

Most importantly, let go of everything you have intended to do but could not complete in the day. Not only will the anxiety set you back for that night but the following day too. Embrace the rest that your mind and body deserve for the night so that you can begin the next day feeling fresh and positive.

There are only three more months before we bid adieu to 2020, so let’s reward ourselves with plenty of good, wholesome rest. Good night and sleep tight tonight!