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The Journey of an Ethnicraft furniture - The Frame PC Console

As buyers, it’s important to know the provenance of every product you purchase so we’ve taken a look at how one of our most popular Ethnicraft pieces is made. Read on for a behind-the-scenes peek into the journey taken by each Frame PC console to reach its ultimate destination: your home!

Step 1: The source
We pride ourselves on our sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our teak is carefully selected timber from a group of sustainably managed forests known as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood, which is what the Frame PC Console is made of.

To reduce wastage, any excess material from production such as sawdust is reused and recycled as fuel in drying ovens or as finger joints in our furniture.

Step 2: Cutting and finger-jointing
After the teak is sustainably harvested, they are brought to our production sites in Indonesia. Here, the logs are cut into solid wooden planks using heavy-duty machinery. These planks form the main body of the Frame PC Console.

 The smaller pieces are then painstakingly pieced together by hand in a technique called finger-jointing and these are used for the insides of the drawers as well as back panels.

Step 3: Drying
Into the kiln it goes! Drying is an essential part of production – moisture content in the wood has to be reduced to its optimal level. This will lighten the timber’s weight, improve its strength, and protect it from dreaded decay, fungal stains, and insect attack.

Step 4: Further processing
Once out of the kiln, our skilled workers mould and craft the dried timber. Any faults found in the wood are also mended by filling and sanding them down.

Step 5: Assembly
Here, the Frame PC Console starts to take shape. Its different parts are carefully and painstakingly assembled. As a finishing touch, we add a Blumotion soft closing mechanism – ensuring that the drawers will always close quietly and effortlessly. No more loud slamming drawers!

Step 6: Quality check
It’s not over yet: before they leave our factories, final quality checks are conducted on every piece. That’s just one of the many things we do to ensure our furniture is always top-notch – no compromises!

Step 7: Packing and shipping
Almost there! The console is carefully packed and shipped out to its new location: Soul & Tables – Singapore and Dubai

So there you have it: the journey of an Ethnicraft Frame PC Console. From there, it awaits its final destination: your home!