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Style your Sideboard in 5 different ways

To get more intimately acquainted with the sideboard, where should you begin?

Here are 5 factors to immediately consider:

1. Purpose – Is your sideboard merely decorative, or is it also meant to be a smart storage solution to everyday clutter?

2. Drawers – Pull-out, open-out, slide, or no-door? Unless dusting in your down time is your favourite pastime, we’d say kill the last option. Don’t forget to check if you’ll have enough space for your doors and drawers to open. If not, you might want to consider a sideboard with sliding doors, like the Walrus sideboard.

3. Size – How long or how compact? You might not want to keep the lines across your living room level to prevent it from looking too uniform and rigid (for example, the height of your sideboard, sofa and window should vary).

4. Material – Teak, oak, walnut, or (heaven forbid) plastic? We’re big advocates of quality wood furniture, but you should choose what works for your taste and lifestyle.

5. Style – Modern, Vintage, Scandi, Gothic, Industrial, Kitsch? So many choices, but do try to narrow it to one.

Now comes the fun (but tricky) part – styling your sideboard to blend cohesively with the rest of your home.

5 themes, 5 tricks

Theme 1: Earthy Natural

Home should feel like a sanctuary, so surround your sideboard with cool blues and verdant greens. This gorgeous painted palette rug paired with the soothing Amphora print is a great way to set the tone around your sideboard.

Next, try layering wood on wood with the teak rectangular tray and breaking it up with a muted blue Brunswick Table Runner. Finally, pepper earthen ware, ceramic vases with references from nature, like this set of Patina vases and this Branch brass pillar candle holder to add texture and subtle colour.

Earthy Natural

Theme 2: Jungle Fever

Escape the urban jungle and into your own Palm Springs by furnishing your sideboard with lush, tropical accents. Choose between a bold wallpaper like the Martinique “A” Beverly Hills wallpaper or the Wild Palm rug, or a more subtle hanging wall print as the backdrop to your floral centrepiece – the star of the show.

Then, consider adding a touch of contrast with more modern accents like the Cole desk lamp or Sunflower round wall mirror.

Jungle Fever

Theme 3: Antique Glamour

If you have always envisioned living in the Roaring Twenties, why not incorporate its signature vintage glamour into your foyer? Channel The Great Gatsby with polished metals – mix and match antique silver, brass or copper in varying sizes and shapes to prevent it from looking uniformly heavy.

Start with the Tincelle dot floor lamp as the anchor, then layer on a Notre Monde heavy aged mirror tray and the Copper and the Classic floral arrangement set from Charlotte Puxley flowers, and a Marble bowl from Comme Home for some variation.

Finally, a large mirror like the Gleaming Primrose Mirror can also help create the illusion of space, or brighten a corner where natural light doesn't quite reach.

Antique Glamour

Theme 4: Pop Eclectic

We know what you're thinking – you like colour, but you don't want your home to look like a thousand unicorns threw rainbows up in psychedelic glee. Have no fear, for a few well-placed ornaments in vibrant, contrasting hues should do the trick.

This set of Perry Vases is fun without being over-the-top and no one can resist a sunny print from the folks at Rifle Paper Co. For more functional accessories, try the Universo Positivo Box light and Cruiser Turntable. Finally, pull the look together with the colourful and fun Opuntia Rug.

Pop Eclectic

Theme 5: Modern Monochrome

If you're averse to living in technicolour, try experiencing life in a black and white film instead.

Start with prints like this Shades Illustrated Art Print and add a dash of scent and light with these Home Fragrances from Diptyque and the Universo Positivo Merlin lamp.

For a bit of interest, add the Empire Tile rug which will complement perfectly with its fun pattern in neutral shades.

Once it starts feeling a little dull, switch things up with a wall gallery to act as the windows to colour you'll keep contained inside!

Modern Monochrome

Raring to get started? Let us know how your adventures with your new sideboard sidekick unravel.