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Space-Saving Furniture For Your Home

Living large in a small space isn’t impossible even though most of the newer apartments in Asia are not as big as we wish. And because Soul & Tables is about more than just sustainable, beautifully crafted wooden furniture, let us show you how to achieve your dream living space, minimally, without compromising on style or function.

Hidden Features
At the top of every homeowner’s furniture lust list should be the Slice Extendable Dining Table. Not only is this sleek beauty easy on the eyes, it features a hidden extension beneath the original tabletop, which allows you to extend the table from a six-seater to a ten-seater whenever the occasion calls for it – handy! Find out how it works with this instructional video.

Multiple Uses
A versatile piece that has multiple uses is the simplest way to circumvent the lack of space in your home. So kill two (or more) birds with one stone with our Nesting Tray Coffee Tables and serving trays. Create a one-of-a-kind coffee table set that matches your style with this smart concept! Use the trays to serve, as a tabletop and even as wall decor! Plus, the range is so wide, you can get your hands on a few and change them as often as you like. These make handsome additions to any living space!

Use it, fold it, store it!
The Fermob Bistro Folding Tables and Chairs, which can be used outdoor and inside, are the way to go for small spaces with limited storage space. Available in 24 colors, they match any setting and can be flattened and stored away in an instant!

Clever Designs
The MVP award for the most creative and most space-saving range goes to the Utilitile Keyed collection, where form, function, and innovation come together seamlessly. Crafted by renowned Canadian furniture designer, Patrik Turner, the collection comprises the Utilitile Hooked, Utilitile Keyed, Utilitile Mirror tiles, each with its own tailored function. Perfect for small spaces, each tile is attached to your wall and flips out to serve as a coat hook, shelf, or mirror.

So the next time you lament over the size constraints of your home, we hope that these Soul & Tables furniture will help you in the quest for living large!

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