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Modern and chic Chinese New Year Home Decorations

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the good ol’ golden dragons, Chinese love knots and auspicious red lanterns. But if you’re looking for modern décor for your home this Chinese New Year, read on for some tips!

Warm Greetings
Every visit starts with a warm greeting and couplets written on traditional scrolls have always been the décor of choice. These couplets are usually poetic lines of verse which express blessings, meant to usher good fortune into one’s home.

Still, if you’re not a fan of adorning your walls with such styles, try modern calligraphy instead. Channel shabby chic and customise your favourite New Year quotes on wooden box frames. Alternatively, get a customised piece of calligraphy and art from the talented folks at Letter J Supply - modern, colourful and definitely auspicious.

Chinese New Year Greetings

The All Important Snack Bar
What is Chinese New Year without snacks and treats? Make sure all the favourites – pineapple tarts and barbequed pork slices – are displayed in their full glory. For this, the Notre Monde round tray table is a great choice. Top off the round tray table with a Notre Monde Criss Cross tray to decorate this guaranteed hot spot.
To keep things fresh, store snacks in these simple yet classy wooden canisters. As a finishing touch, impress guests by keeping your mandarin oranges in this stylish Kago fruit bowl.

Chinese New Year Snack Bar

A Prosperous Dining Experience
The Reunion dinner, a gathering of relatives on the eve of Chinese New Year to feast together, kick-starts the festivities and marks a time for everyone to come together as a family to reaffirm the bond you share.
For such a key note event, it’s crucial to get the mood and setting right! Red is always the colour of the season so don’t be afraid to use it especially around the Dining room, which will no doubt take centre stage during the Reunion dinner.

Start by dressing up the trusty Double Dining Table with a beautiful Bonnie and Neil Maidenhair red table runner and add a whimsical touch with these Lucky Cat porcelain coasters.

Chinese New Year Red Decorations

If red is too bold for you or if you want to put a twist on tradition this year, you can always opt for red’s understated yet fashionable cousin - burgundy! The classic Notre Monde Burgundy Diamond Mirror Tray is a great way to serve your guests in style.

A Golden Gathering
After the dining room, family and friends are likely to gravitate towards the living room to catch up on the latest happenings. Go for gold, which has traditionally been associated with an abundance of wealth.
For a bold statement, try a gold-hued rug like the Kadence rug from Lulu & Georgia.

Chinese New Year Gold Decorations

If you’re afraid of your room looking like King Midas himself dropped by to visit, opt for tasteful and elegant gold-accented pieces like this clear vase from Stylo Deco with fresh seasonal blooms from Bloom Room or your local florist – the perfect décor piece for Chinese New Year, which is celebrated to welcome the arrival of Spring and new life.

Finally, surprise your guests with splashes of gold in unexpected almost-out-of-sight places. This golden Osaka paper basket from Hipvan is a perfect choice to do this.

Now that you have these handy tips, it’s time to experiment with modern versions of your favourite traditional décor. There’s one tradition we do want to keep though and that’s wishing everyone a prosperous and blessed year ahead! Happy decorating!