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Look Inside Soul & Tables

Ever wondered how Soul & Tables came to be? Well, you’re in the right place. Hear from Jonathan Roelandts and Katrien Bollen, the Managing Director and Marketing Director of Soul & Tables, as they fill you in on everything you never knew about us.

Soul & Tables Founders

What is the philosophy behind Soul & Tables?

Katrien: Quality, customer service, and convenient shopping form the DNA of Soul & Tables. We believe in providing superior customer service, whether it’s for an online order or for a purchase at our showrooms. We also aim to offer customers functional, contemporary, high-quality solid wood furniture.

As a company that started in Belgium, how did Ethnicraft make its way to Singapore and other parts of Asia?

Jonathan: I joined Ethnicraft in 2010 as Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and story of Ethnicraft founders Philippe Delaisse and Benoit Loos, I pitched the idea of launching Ethnicraft Online in Singapore to them because I believed that our values will resonate with customers here. By 2018, the company had grown its presence from Singapore to Dubai, and Ethnicraft Online became Soul & Tables, a larger and more inclusive brand.

Katrien: After graduating from Insead Business School in Singapore, I was keen to start an online venture in South East Asia. I also found it challenging to find great looking, high quality but affordable furniture in Singapore. That’s where the idea to launch an online furniture store here started.

Why do you think customers should purchase from Soul & Tables, even though online shopping for furniture can be quite risky?

Katrien: We provide detailed product descriptions and good picture representations of our products on our website so that they can make informed decisions. Still, we understand that online shopping can certainly be risky and that’s why we also have dedicated showrooms in Singapore and Dubai. Customers can visit our showrooms to view our products in person and get personalized assistance from our team.

Why should customers choose Ethnicraft?

Katrien: Ethnicraft furniture is natural, functional, and strong. They’re designed and made to last, so you’ll be able to build a lifetime of happy family memories with our pieces. Plus, Ethnicraft furniture is also environmentally-conscious. Our teak is harvested from sustainably managed plantations or reclaimed from neglected buildings in Indonesia, and our oak comes from responsibly managed plantations in Europe.

Jonathan: Last but not least, our prices are competitive: all our products include delivery, installation, GST, free return, and a life-time warranty – no hidden costs or nasty surprises! We also offer a 5% discount for purchases above S$2,000 and 10% for purchases above S$5,000.

What is your favorite Ethnicraft product? 

Jonathan: My favorite piece is the Slice Dining Table which I use at home every day. It looks modern and stylish with its unique ‘slice’ tabletop. The high technical expertise required to craft such a table from solid wood is also incredible.

Katrien: I absolutely love the Small M Rack! Stylish and practical, this beautiful furniture can work as an original room partition or as storage for my kids' toys!

What’s next for Soul & Tables?

Katrien: Exciting times are ahead for us! We are looking to expand and partner with more furniture and decor brands and become your go-to furniture shop for all your furnishing needs.


Want to know more about Soul & Tables? Check out our website to learn about our history, dedication towards the environment, our services, and everything else that makes us one of the best furniture brands around!