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Learn How To Style A Bedroom From Interior Stylist Laetitia Coulonge

Whether you’re a home body, an early-bird or a man who sleeps in till the afternoon, your bedroom is an abode where one rests, relaxes and recharges. An exquisitely designed bedroom can weave its magic to transport us to a state of sheer relaxation in our ever bustling lives.

Stylist, visual merchandiser and interior decorator Laetitia Coulonge of LC Studio fame shares some tips on how to craft a bedroom unlike any other. She dishes out the secrets to creating two visually unique bedroom designs that suit the early risers, or the dim and decadent night owls.

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You’ve created numerous styled settings with our brands. What do you like most about Ethnicraft?
I work closely with a lot of home décor stores in France. For these assignments, I enjoy using Ethnicraft, Notre Monde and Universo Positivo pieces as they are a blend of originality meshed with modern design - a mix that produces versatile, relevant and authentic products.

Can you guide us through your creative process of styling a room?
I begin firstly by mixing warm and welcoming colour cues that help exude the feeling of comfort living. When conceptualising these rooms, it is essential to mix functionality and warmth with good aesthetic.

I take care to observe a space’s strengths and weaknesses; any imperfections or weaknesses can easily be fixed through a couple of decor tricks. I also take note of my clients’ needs so that I can craft designs that meet them and that they will love.

For instance, if a room has very little space, I opt for warm colours for the walls, such as dark green or terra-cotta, which are very trendy right now. I will also place simple pieces, like a minimalistic shelf and a set of mirrors around the wall. These elements add personal touch and help give the illusion of a larger space.

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How can I create a comfortable and trendy bedroom?
My idea of a perfect bedroom is simply one where I don’t want to get up in the morning, and where I enjoy just lazing about in the evening. It isn’t a dorm where one heads off to tuck in for the night but an actual living space. I envision a sitting space, a small table, and a snug corner with a bookshelf. Adding these simple components can work wonders into turning your bedroom into a cosy abode.

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What are your top five bedroom essentials?
1. Nothing says comfort more than a soft lush bed. I would choose a King-sized bed, space-permitting, adorned with plenty of pillows.

2. Give your bedroom a more polished feel by adding matching bedside tables. Matching bedside tables fulfill a functional purpose while making the entire look more put-together.

3. I would also like the bedroom to be aesthetically pleasing. Pretty, comfy bed sheets in a myriad of colours look great and rejuvenates you after a full day at work. I love natural materials like soft cotton or linen.

4. A pretty little sofa for relaxing turns the bedroom into a space where one can dwell comfortably in.

5. A beautiful small table that can function as a dressing table or workstation not only saves space, but also allows a special corner for work or dress up.

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Laetitia’s selections
Look 1: Everything Is Illuminated

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1. Ethnicraft Oak Air Bed
2. Ethnicraft Oak Air Nightstand
3. Ethnicraft Oak Light Frame Mirror
4. Universo Positivo Verso Desk in White
5. Ethnicraft Oak Bok Chair
6. Ethnicraft N101 1 Seater Sofa in Ash Grey
7. Ethnicraft Oak Z Rack

Look 2: Fifty Shades Darker

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1. Ethnicraft Walnut Spindle Bed
2. Ethnicraft Walnut Air Bedside Table
3. Ethnicraft Oak Light Frame Mirror
4. Universo Positivo Verso Desk in Black
5. Ethnicraft Oak Bok Chair in Black
6. Ethnicraft Walnut Spindle Bench
7. Ethnicraft N501 1 Seater Sofa
8. Ethnicraft Oak Z Rack