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Jerry and Su's Three-Generation home in Singapore

To get you inspired for the New Year (the perfect excuse for a home makeover!), we’re giving you an inside look into the beautiful home of Jerry and Su. Take a peek and take notes as they reveal handy tips!

Their home
After living in Hong Kong and Australia, Jerry and Su made their home in the Lion City, in a spacious three-story semi-detached house in Faber Avenue with enough room for their two children and parents.

Start from the Foundations
To achieve their dream home with no constraints, the couple decided to build their family home from scratch. Getting very involved in the layout of their home allowed Jerry and Su to ensure that there would be plenty of open spaces and a good balance of indoor and outdoor spaces, like an Al Fresco dining area and swimming pool.

Jerry and Su_1_1024 x 575

All about the light
Inspired by Australian homes that typically feature lots of natural light, the duo consciously made the layout of their living and dining room open and bright.

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light and allow a peek outside to the Al Fresco dining area and pool.

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Jerry and Su_3_1024 x 575

As nature lovers, they also wanted to incorporate natural elements into their indoor spaces and intentionally chose simple and modern wood furniture. For the living room, they picked Soul & Tables’ Square Root sofas and Duplex coffee table; for the dining room, the Slice dining table and EX1 chairs take center stage.

For a casual dining option, the couple chose N3 kitchen counter stools placed against a clean, white, and minimalist kitchen set-up.

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Breaking down barriers continues beyond the living room. For the study room, Jerry and Su replaced walls with glass, allowing more light into space, and visitors a cheeky look into the office. To keep things clean, Jerry chose the U-shaped desk – a spacious workspace with simple lines.

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Room for all
Motivated by their desire to build a space that was welcoming for all generations, this family home has multiple rooms for the children and even a “Granny flat”.

Located on the ground floor to remain accessible to Su’s mother who has trouble with stairs, the “Granny flat” is a cozy sanctuary and entertaining spot. The wall shelf houses knick-knacks and sentimental mementos above the Light Frame TV cupboard. The raised platform by the window also serves as a spot where a tatami mat can be rolled out for some quick shuteye and then easily stored away.

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The children’s room is fun and playful. True to their style, nothing is over-the-top; a bright rug, toys, and books add pops of color while the overall décor remains simple enough that the room can be easily updated as the children grow older.

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Su says: “Buying furniture is like buying functional art”, so the couple picks furniture pieces that are beautifully designed, practical, pocket-friendly, and most of all, long-lasting, like Soul & Tables’ M rack.

When it comes to furniture shopping, Su advises to prioritize functionality and to think long-term and to “buy it for your entire earthly time if possible”. Most importantly, however, she says: “Never settle for less and only buy a furniture piece if you love it”.

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Finally, Jerry and Su’s private retreat is a comfortable and calming space, accented by pops of yellow. The couple’s mini-lounge area boasts a one-seater sofa, ottoman and the Tripod side table that is perfect for reading and relaxing. To add interest, Jerry and Su also paired the Light Frame nightstand with the Kubus Naomi sidetable (placed on its side as an unconventional twist).

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Needless to say, their private sanctuary, where Jerry and Su get to unwind and take a breather from everything else, is their favorite room in the entire house. Climbing the 43 steps to get up there is no doubt a mini accomplishment in itself!

Their tips on furniture shopping
As experienced homeowners who have lived abroad and in Singapore, Jerry and Su have no shortage of handy tips to share.

With the prevalence of smaller spaces in Singapore, they advise thinking twice about using darker colors for your interior. It makes rooms look darker and smaller, a mistake learned from their first apartment in Hong Kong.

For homeowners embarking on their own design journey, Jerry has this to share – do your research, know what you want and be specific with your interior designer and architect! He says, “If you’re vague with your contractor, it is difficult for them as well.”

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