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How To Style Your Living Room

Ever flipped through the glossy pages of a home interior magazine and wished your living room looked just as good? Luckily, it’s not as hard as you think - all you need is creativity, patience, a few key furniture pieces, and voila!

But before you whip out the tape measures and color charts, here are a few style guidelines from us here at Soul & Tables to help you get started on creating your ideal living space.

Big Statement Pieces
Every room needs a big statement piece or two to act as the focal point of the room, which also anchors the entire space. Naturally, in a living room, this would be your sofa and coffee table.

When choosing the right sofa for your living room, size, style, and comfort are important factors. It might be difficult to find a sofa that hits the mark on all three elsewhere, but Ethnicraft’s Padded Modular Sofa comes pretty close to the bullseye. Available in three colors and sizes, this range will definitely fit any given space since it’s a modular sofa. Coming in 6 different pieces and made of high-density foam and fiber, it is flexibility and comfort all around.

For a coffee table with clean lines and minimalistic design, check out the Mikado Coffee Table. Made from 100% FSC certified oak wood, it’s the perfect statement piece, especially for those seeking environmentally conscious yet functional furniture.

Cleanliness is next to godliness – so clear out all that junk! The easiest way to keep your living room looking picture-perfect is with easy-on-the-eyes furniture pieces that help with storage and organization.

Ethnicraft’s Shadow Sideboard provides lots of storage and lends plenty of style to any room, while the M Rack is every bookworm’s dream come true with its whimsical design and ample shelving space. Tip: you can line two or three M Racks together to form a partition or lay the rack horizontally for a creative low-lying bookshelf and display counter.

Extra Seating
You never know when guests might pop over, so it’s always handy to have extra seating for those impromptu get-togethers. From stools to ottomans, armchairs, and even beanbags, stylish options are aplenty.

The Paco Chair from Woven + is definitely one versatile piece to have in any abode. Lightweight, perfect for in- and outdoor, the woven rope gives the optimum comfort. Looking for something cute and quirky? The Osso Stool comes with a stylish shape topped with a curvy and comfy seat.

TV consoles
So you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a state-of-the-art HD TV – and naturally, you’ll want to display it proudly! Not only do TV consoles make standout statement pieces, they’re pretty handy too. Store your DVDs, game consoles, and other electronic thingamajigs in Soul & Tables’ selection of handsome TV consoles. The Elemental TV cupboard is a timeless piece, which not only lends plenty of space but also style to your living room. Running short of space in your living room? Fret not; the LF TV cupboard is perfect for small rooms as it comes in two or three-drawer designs with additional space above the drawers for extra storage – handy!

And there you have it – easy-peasy guidelines to turn your dream living space into reality. And who knows? It might be your home in the pages of Home & Décor magazine next!

** If you still feel overwhelmed with the choices of furniture style, budget, and coordination, Soul & Tables got you covered with our personalized interior staging service Styling Studio. Let us take you to your new home!