How to Declutter your Home

How to Declutter your Home
Have you read Marie Kondo’s famous book, “Spark Joy”? We recommend giving this title a read if you’re looking to master the art of organising and tidying up your home. It seems to advocate such a simple solution for life’s complexities — focus on what you want to keep, throw everything you do not need in order to welcome a happier and fulfilling life! And the rule of thumb to discarding? Love it or lose it. How to Declutter for 2017 However, each of our Achilles’ heels is very different. For instance, you may fall prey to books. For you, books have become the mythological Incubus! You will cave in, buy the book, bring it back to the office, read a few chapters, and put it aside on your table that has been stacked with way too many half-read books and magazines… Does this sound all too familiar? Whatever your weakness is, we will share several ways to manage the aftermath of impulse buys without changing who you really are. For the Bookworm It is easy to attach sentimental value to our books. “Ah, that was the book I bought when my heart was broken, and oh, that was the anthology of poems I called my own after being inspired by a local poet,” one may think. Books and Papers However, do you feel a slight sense of remorse and anxiety when you look at the stacks lying around your room? If we love our books that much, wouldn’t we want to take better care of them? So other than handing out picture books we no longer need or want to our nephews and nieces or donating them to charity, we can start displaying our favourite things in the world proudly and in the most organised fashion thanks to smart and timeless furniture.
  • Choose book shelves and racks that are made of natural material like wood or metal with preferably no synthetic paint or chemicals. This helps to keep the books in pristine quality as they will not be affected by the synthetic chemicals leeching onto them. For example, the Oak Wave Book Case can help to store your precious books with its glass doors protecting the books from any direct heat or sunlight.
  • Then, add ornaments onto your bookcase, such as a matching photo frame and jewellery box set to display your favourite memory and store your trinkets, to break up the rows of books. For a ready-made solution, look to the Pirouette Book Rack which already comes with a mix of shelves and drawers.
  • Place the books flat on the back or standing up and store them according to genres or colours. The latter will add a dash of personality into your home. One way to be even more organised is to place your books in crates and categorise by genre! You can keep novels in one crate, non-fiction in another and then position them on the M Rack.
Pro-tip: Further decorate your place with a customisable book and art wall. Create ledges by attaching around three rows of wall shelves in the living room. Whatever is displayed on the shelves could encapsulate your mood of the month! Your beloved books and art pieces can take turns to have time on the “stage” every once in a while. For the Shoeaholic “Good shoes take you good places,” says the adage. As a result of this mantra, some of us (the gentlemen, included) have stocked up crazy pairs of shoes from all kinds of categories — sneakers, heels, boots and more. Good Shoes take you Good Places Some of them are dazzling and deserve to be displayed like a work of art, others might be treasured pieces linked to precious memories - like your wedding heels. For such pieces, the Mozaic Rack is perfect for displaying your triumphs. The height of each column is sufficient, allowing you to place your booties and heels. You could even fit two pairs of shoes in each of the columns to save some space. If you will like to incorporate a touch of fancy to the rack, you can even display your bags on alternate columns of the rack.   If you are a little bit more covert with your shoe addiction, choose the 2-door Shadow Sideboard, designed to provide sufficient ventilation for your shoes, or you can even select something like the Ligna Sideboard to meet your needs - add an additional shelf and voila. Place one shoe facing forward and the other backward so that you can easily view the style and height of the heel. This makes perfect sense for those of us who are always rushing off to work in the morning! Pro-tip: If you are using a sideboard for shoe storage, consider getting a wire management hole cut for some additional ventilation. For the one who always laments “I have nothing to wear” "I have nothing to wear" The truth is, you are more likely to wear something if you can see it. Some of us always think we have nothing to wear because we have not been organising our clothes in the way that can inspire us our fashion clivities!
  • Firstly, pick a closet or rack that is roomy and well-compartmentalised like the Rise Rack.
  • For items you don’t need as often, like winter wear, store them neatly away in chest of drawers or canvas boxes.
  • Find a way to categorise your clothes. Will colour coding work better for you or will organising them by their function, for example, for work, leisure or fitness, be more efficient? You can decide based on your lifestyle.
  • Put your accessories in clear plastic boxes or on decorative trays.
  • Shelf dividers work wonders! They most certainly help prevent towers of clothes from collapsing into each other.
For the Beauty Addict If you find yourself rummaging through your cosmetics every morning, you need to re-think how your beauty products are being arranged. Make-up and Brushes First of all, discard those pots, palettes and brushes that have already served their duties and are ready to go. Yes, let them go! The drawers in the Mr. Marius Origami Desk can be your go-to for all your beauty products. Group your lipsticks, brushes, eyeshadow and so on and organise them in the drawer. You will see an instant transformation. You can also lay your make-up products out on a tray so you can easily pick out what you need to use. If your room has an earthy tone to it, placing your brushes in glass jars together with your fragrances, assortment of blushes and nail polishes on the Teak Square Tray will bring organisation and also a sense of femininity to your bedroom. If you are more influenced by vintage decor, keep your beauty products in metallic and glass containers and flaunt them on the Notre Monde Bronze Mirror Tray. Pro-tip: If you want to exhibit the eclecticism of your beauty products, try a magnetic make-up board. Layer a metal sheet on to a frame. Tape magnets onto a few clear receptacles which could help hold brushes and any cylinder-shaped products as well as the other make-up products. Voilà! There will be no more distress when it comes to your vanity. It is true that every time we de-clutter what is in our external world, we will naturally get clarity in our internal world as well. Isn’t it funny how these things work? So pencil in the next weekend for a decluttering and detoxing session. Let go of what is meant to go, keep what makes you happy and get ready to embrace the new year.