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How to create your perfect home office

Working from home can be the ultimate dream or considered as a curse; although one of the greatest benefits is the freedom to organize and decorate it as you wish. Yet, the challenge of the home office is to define and set up a productive work place in a non-traditional environment. Here are some tips to help you create this special place in the heart of your house.

Step 1: Select the quintessential desk

Whether you are running a small or large business, the desk plays a key role. Choices can be overwhelming but bear in mind that comfort and functionality are the two main criteria. Selecting a u-shaped design provides several benefits: an easy fit in a tight spot, a large flat area to work on and a modern style.

With its traditional use of wood and its contemporary look, the Oak Office U Shaped table blends perfectly with classic, original or industrial home interiors. The large surface allows you to efficiently display all your work supplies from the computer, printer to books. Plus, Ethnicraft Online’s oak pieces come with an OSMO hardwax finish, requires little maintenance, and will last beautifully.


Step 2: Find a comfortable seat

The Alfred chair complements the contemporary design of the Oak Office U Shaped table perfectly. With clean-cut lines, a light oak colour, and a generous seat, this is a stylish and inviting piece. It also features a lightweight metal structure which helps it to fit with any interior design.


If you prefer something a little less boxy, try out the Gud chair instead. With soft curves and a choice of either white or black metal hardware, the Gud chair is a petite piece that packs a punch.

Gud Chair_Home office Blogpost

Step 3: Decorate your work space

Your workstation does not have to be boring and depressing. With decorating, the idea is not to be messy but about placing relevant and smart additions to help you fight stress and find inspiration. Aim to create a balance between seriousness and happiness.

All about the lighting
A great work day starts with proper lighting so don’t overlook the importance of light in your home office for viewing your computer, reading books or typewriting pages after long hours. It is also important to keep in mind how light impacts the perception and mood of your work place.

To add interest, try mixing it up with a variety of materials and textures. Stylodeco’s popular item, the iconic shell like Eclipse lamp is a great way to do this. Practical and fashionably designed, you can play with its shape and inclination to optimize lighting and bring life to your desk.


If you prefer something more colourful to perk up your day, enliven your workspace with the Universo Positivo Merlin lamp in cheery yellow.

Merlin lamp_Home office blogpost

Create boundaries
If your home office is inside a common room, break up the space by placing a snug little rug. This small accessory will help you define and organize your work area efficiently while adding a welcoming feeling to your working space.


Get organised
Keep all small supplies such as staples or paperclips in mix-up storage boxes (available from Stylo Deco), mingling colours and sizes for a fun touch. To prevent your desk from turning into a sea of papers, the delicate and minimalist marble deco house paperweight (available from Stylo Deco) is the perfect accessory. A must on your wish list. Another basic item to remind you of your daily tasks is a clipboard (available from Stylo Deco), so browse through our selection to find the most inspiring.

Don’t forget about the often overlooked or hidden, but essential item…the bin. Thanks to our lovely range of collapsible baskets, no need to hide those bins anymore.


Finally, if you’re still in need of more storage but are running out of space, make use of the walls too! The Universo Positivo range of pin boxes and shell wall units are perfect hiding places for stationary, books and files.

Pin boxes and Shell Wall Unit_Home office blogpost

Now, it’s time to show off your space and start working!


Celine is part of the Stylodeco blog team and a home decor aficionado. Stylodeco is the first online marketplace for effortless chic home decor and furniture in Singapore. Some of the decorative accents shown in the pictures can be purchased online or directly at Stylodeco’s showroom (by appointment only, contact them here)