How To Care For Your Ethnicraft Teak Furniture


Buying a beautiful piece of furniture for your home is only half the job done. What’s also important is taking care of it so you can enjoy it for years and years to come. Ethnicraft furniture are not only impeccably designed, they’re also made from teak wood – one of the most durable types of hardwood around. Every Ethnicraft piece is made from sustainably harvested Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood – making it exceptionally strong, durable, and kinder to the environment. In addition, Ethnicraft also uses a unique natural finish on all of its furniture pieces, where the raw wood finish is preserved due to fewer chemicals used. Even so, a little maintenance goes a long way. Here are quick and easy tips to take care of your teak furniture. Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness For dining tables and coffee tables that are prone to oil and grease stains, you should wipe them down regularly to prevent a buildup of dirt. Use a soft sponge and regular dishwashing soap, gently wipe your furniture piece, rinse with water, and dry it with a towel. To remove stubborn stains, use a stain-absorbing powder. This can be easily purchased from DIY stores. Remove any residue with extra fine sand paper (minimum 320 grit). Go With The Flow Or rather, go in the direction of the wood grain when cleaning your teak wood furniture with sand paper. Never use a rough scouring brush as it will scratch the wood. Wax On, Wax Off Ethnicraft offers high quality wax treatments products, which can be applied to spots that are highly susceptible to stains. To apply, spread the wax on a clean surface in the direction of the wood grain. Let it dry for 15 minutes and apply a second coat if you wish. This process should be repeated every three to four months for optimal protection. Topcoats This permanent treatment is perfect for furniture that is exposed to oil and grease stains. How do you get this done? Simple –Ethnicraft offers water-based topcoats before and after purchase at no extra charge. Take note, though: this treatment may result in a slightly darker finish. Keep Out Of The Rain Ethnicraft furniture is designed for indoor use so it’s best to keep it away from natural elements such as rain and strong direct sunlight to prevent weathering and discolouration. The Little Details One easy way to protect the surface of your teak wood from dust, water marks, and other stains is to use placemats, trays, and coasters –like this rectangle tray and 10-piece coaster set from Ethnicraft. Not just functional, they all add a little flavour to your table. Win-win! Need more ideas on how to care for your teak furniture? Check out Ethnicraft’s Care video for step-by-step tips. And remember: they’re always a call away for complimentary furniture maintenance. As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Ethnicraft furniture are worthy investment pieces, so take these precautionary steps to ensure they last a lifetime.