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Gift it like you mean it

Are you thinking of bringing the usual basket of wine and cheese to your friend’s housewarming party? While more alcohol will never dampen a new homeowner’s spirits, you might want to consider a gift that will last longer than a hangover.

To aid you in the hunt for the elusive housewarming gift that your friend will actually put to use, let’s evaluate the kind of homeowner he or she is.

The Creative

She keeps abreast of the latest happenings in town and pays attention to aesthetics, culture and philosophy. The Selby is her go-to platform for interior design inspiration. Home is where she can demonstrate her creative personality and bring her design ideals to life.

Gift your friend with succulents snugged in wooden block planters or a bloom box from Fleurapy, Recommend your friend to display the boldly-coloured planters on our teak wood tray for that playful note she will certainly appreciate in the new abode.

The Creative - with a green thumb

If she proclaims that she (or he) doesn’t have a green thumb (there are truly beings like that), it will be wise to gift non-living things instead.

The Creative will be eager to share her fine and discerning taste in life with guests. The vintage-inspired and organically shaped Turtle table would be the perfect choice for the Creative. If she already has that piece of living furniture covered, then get her a coffee table book that fits with her her creative sensibilities. Some of our favourite coffee table books like “Vivian Maier Street Photographer” – a body of photographs captured by a nanny who became famous only after her demise – and the “Wes Anderson Collection”, a collection of Wes’ filmography will ignite the stimulating conversations.

The Creative - culture and philosophy

The Homebody

The Homebody prefers to snuggle in his couch during the weekend to recharge. He loves his new home so much that he will convince his friends to gather at his place instead of the swanky bar they used to go. Team up with friends and gift him a N101 1 seater sofa for him to laze in. Alternatively, pair “Cards against Humanity” (the party game for horrible people) or a customised QR code (which gives his guests WIFI access) with our Oak Utilitile Hooked for the ultimate gift set.

The Homebody - snuggle and recharge

The Domestic Goddess

Finally, we have the Domestic God or Goddess who dreams of being the next Curtis Stone or Nigella Lawson. This friend truly believes that the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. Send your love to the host with our Notre Monde Copper Leaf Bronze Mirror Tray or Notre Monde White Tree Driftwood Tray — both will highlight the delightful pastels of amaï ceramic homeware. This gift set is sure to excite your friend into experiments in the kitchen that will thrill your tastebuds. You will eventually stand to gain by being generous.

Domestic Goddess - The next celebrity chef

If your friend does not fall into any of the above categories, there is always a congratulatory card that states the obvious — offer your pleasant company as a gift! No one can say no to that, can he? Especially not with that basket of wine and cheese you’ll be bringing.