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Five Lucky Blooms for a Prosperous Chinese New Year

By The Bloom Room

As the flower markets spring to life this month, it’s time to switch out glittery Christmas decorations with Chinese New Year flowers in your home.

Here’s a worthy list of the best blooms that will not only match your Ethnicraft Online furniture, but also bring you a wealth of luck, harmony and prosperity in the new year.


#1: Kalanchoes

Also known as wan zi qian hong (or “thousands and millions of red and purple” in reference to its small flowers), kalanchoes symbolises wealth and prosperity. It is an easy plant to grow and also available as fresh-cut flowers that you can incorporate in an easy arrangement on the Pop Side Table or to dress up your Mozaic Rack.

Kalanchoes on Teak Pop Stool

Kalanchoes in Teak Mozaic Rack

#2: Gladioluses

In varying shades of red, pink, yellow, light purple or white, gladiolus have numerous blossoms along a single stalk. The loveliest aspect of the gladiolus is how you can see it bloom steadily upwards – from the base of the plant to the tips. That’s why it symbolises bu bu gao sheng (or “a step-by-step rise in career”) and will be perfect for those seeking advancement in career or self-development.


Make it a perfect combination with the Notre Monde Marrakech Tray and place them near your front door - a lucky arrangement to view right before you leave for work!

#3: Celosia Plumosa

Widely favoured for its bright and colourful blooms, the celosia plumosa is also known as feng wei (or “phoenix’s tail”). In Chinese mythology, the phoenix is well loved as an auspicious creature. The celosia plumosa – a close relative of the equally popular and velvety-soft cockscomb – is available as potted plants or as fresh-cut flowers and is great for families seeking harmony and good fortune.

A great spot for it is the top of your TV cupboard in your living room - the heart of family gatherings.

Celosia Plumosa

#4: Pussy Willows

A perennial favourite, the pussy willow is the Chinese New Year equivalent of a Christmas tree. Soft and sprawling, these slim branches flower into silvery, furry buds and symbolises continuous growth and prosperity. Most people buy them as tall, loose branches to be arranged in porcelain pots, and decorated with hanging ornaments.

Pair it with the Celosia Plumosa (phoenix’s tail) for a lovely tall arrangement atop the Essential TV Cupboard.

#5: Lucky Bamboo

Bent, twisted and twirled into various auspicious shapes such as the figure of eight, the lucky bamboo is the Chinese symbol for fortune and happiness. The number of bamboo stalks in one pot represents different things. For example, two is said to be able to double your luck, three will bring happiness (fu), wealth (lu) and long life (shou), while seven bestows great health.

Contributed by the folks from The Bloom Room.