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Feng Shui Tips for your Office Space

With the new financial year in motion, you might be thinking about boosting your fortunes and starting your projects on a positive note. If you're not sure where to begin, why not try refreshing your work space with a bit of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese art based on the belief that the energy levels of various objects and surroundings influence our thoughts and feelings. Experts advocate harmonizing your environment through your furniture and décor choices to optimize productivity and inspire positivity. Many utilize Feng Shui to generate good health, facilitate business acumen and even improve love luck! Even if you’re not a Feng Shui believer, re-evaluating and refreshing your work space always proves therapeutic.

A Sturdy Foundation

Size matters
Having an expansive work desk represents authority and a good command over your business. However, your desk should not overpower your ability to reach out for items with ease. The Wave Console comes in teak and oak, so you can pick what works best for you and your space and enjoy a generously sized work area.


If it’s not possible to have an expansive work desk, then pay closer attention to the material and shape of your desk. In Feng Shui terms, opting for a wooden desk stands for long-lasting reliability. Rectangular desks like the nimbly-sized Universo Positivo B desk also facilitate higher levels of concentration.

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Location, location, location
Orienting your desk to face the front door is highly recommended. Otherwise, placing a mirror in front of your desk to reflect the entrance is the next best option. Why? This symbolizes being ready for the opportunities that come knocking!

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It is also best not to face your desk against a wall as it demonstrates being blocked. If you cannot avoid it, display a painting of an open field to counter any negative effect.

To complement your desk, make full use of the Teak Billy Box to store documents and prevent a messy table top. Decluttering allows you to showcase only carefully selected items that aid your objectives. Be careful to resist the urge to shove unorganized papers into drawers just to remove them from sight. This builds up negative energy which hinders your career success.

Get in your Element

Once you’ve decided on your desk, it’s time to decorate! Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood make up the five elements of Feng Shui and as a general principle, balance is key. Try to apply a little of each element to your work station.

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If your desk is not made of wood, represent the Wood element using a planter filled with table plants such as English Ivy or Peace Lily. Introduce a spark of the Fire element with a candle; be sure pick a scent you find energizing. For the Earth element, consider a crystal jewelry box which doubles up as handy storage for bits and bobs of stationery.

Many find the Water element tricky because the most common suggestion involves having a small fountain of flowing water nearby. While that’s not always possible, a neat substitute is changing your desktop screensaver to one featuring a waterfall or river. Lastly, for the Metal element, keep it simple with this minimalistic metal Pencil Holder, an essential to cultivate the good habit of keeping your pens and pencils where they belong!

The Perfect Place for Everything

Having the right decor is only half the battle won; placement is just as important. Feng Shui experts recommend visualizing the Bagua pattern, which basically involves mentally dividing your desk into nine 3-by-3 sections. Each section represents a certain objective.

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The rear middle of your table represents reputation and recognition. If you’re keen on more time in the spotlight, this is the ideal location for a table lamp. The Merlin Lamp in Yellow offers the best of both worlds as Yellow also aids focus and concentration.

The rear left and centre of your table symbolizes wealthy and prosperity. Displaying a savings jar filled with money with be a great way to boost your odds in this realm. A clear savings jar also stands for transparency and openness; important attributes when it comes to doing business. Not for you? Try placing your calculator in this section instead!

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For those who require a creative boost, placing a notebook in the middle right section is your solution. This 101 Dreams Journal will be the obvious choice for this.

Now that you’ve had a brief introduction to Feng Shui, it’s time to cultivate positive vibes and the right energy levels!