A Handy Dandy Guide of Must Ask Questions When Furniture Shopping

A Handy Dandy Guide of Must Ask Questions When Furniture Shopping

Who doesn’t love a productive shopping expedition? But when it comes to buying furniture, planning ahead is absolutely crucial if you don’t want to end up collecting a mismatched hodge podge of furniture, or run the risk of realising too late that your new dining table can’t fit through your front door (yikes!).

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There are simply too many things to consider. What size bed should you get for your existing mattress? Does your condominium have any delivery restrictions for bulky items? What about warranties? Will it fit the existing style of your home? How about furniture care and maintenance for durability?

Don’t be overwhelmed! Here’s a quick checklist of questions to ask yourself before you embark on your furniture shopping adventure.

Does it fit? Measure the space you’re decorating and know what’s the maximum size that will fit – be sure to factor in walking space as well! More importantly, will your new furniture fit through your corridors and front door? And if you’re on a higher level, will it fit into your lift or staircase?

Also be sure to check if your ideal home furniture fits your budget. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so generally it’s a good idea to spend a little more on pieces that you are likely to use more often, like your sofa, bed, or dining table.

Does it match? Have a vision of the room in your mind. What style is it in? Do you have a specific colour palette? Be sure to bring some paint or fabric swatches, or inspirational images for reference while shopping.

Matching isn’t only about style, it’s also about proportions. For example, you may wish to check that your coffee table isn’t too high for your sofa, or your dining table too small for your dining chairs.

Do your research As they say, preparation is the key to success. If you know you want wood furniture, read up on what types of wood there are, which are best suited for you, and how to choose one of good quality. For example, Soul & Tables has an FSC certification for our Teak and Oak furniture so you know exactly where your wood comes from and that it has been sustainably sourced.

Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your retailer! Ask them for their expertise, and be sure to check on their warranty and return policies as well. If you need delivery and installation assistance, ask if these services are available and what the additional charges are, if any.

At the end of it all, if you’re still not too sure about your furniture selection or have any concerns, sleep on it. Do more research if you have to, but always remember that the process should be fun! You’re welcoming a new addition to your home, your sanctuary.

If you have any questions, our Soul & Tables team is available every day to assist you and guide you along, either in person at our showroom, by phone or email.