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5 Tips to Making Small Spaces Larger than Life

Is your tiny apartment cramping your decorating style? As flat sizes shrink, you might think it a tall order trying to fit big ideas into small spaces. We’re here to offer 5 tips to turn tight spots into open areas, with room to spare.

Tip 1. Light Up

Good ol' (free) natural light – it is the oldest trick in the home decor rule book. If you can, try to incorporate as much windows in your home to allow natural light to flood your space. That aside, furniture in light hues such as oak, instead of darker wood like teak and mahogany, will contribute to creating a bright and airy living space.

1. Light Up

When the long day journeys into night, scattered light sources will be key, helping to draw the eye around the room, adding depth and creating the illusion of space, whereas harsh top-down lighting pools it all in one place. Mix and match standing lighting options with wall or ceiling fixtures.

Tip 2. Get High

This might sound contrary to our first tip, but juxtapose your light walls with a dark ceiling. While bright white opens up a room, the latter creates depth. Alternatively, experiment with wallpaper to create the illusion of a high ceiling.

Otherwise, elegant hanging fixtures also evoke height by drawing the eye upwards, and elongating the room.

2. Get High

Tip 3. Trick Eye

Another no-brainer: Mirrors create an illusion of space. Lean an oversized full-length Light Frame mirror against the wall, or incorporate mirrored elements into your furniture. Pieces like the Notre Monde Nesting Coffee Table are a good example!

3. Trick Eye

If that is not enough, go further with glass or lucite pieces that confound the eye with its “see-through” effect. Lucite coffee tables are also both on trend and perfect for a tiny living room.

Tip 4. All Clear

Show them legs. Raised furniture with exposed legs feel less heavy and cumbersome and is a simple way of tricking the eye.

4. All Clear

Wall shelving is another great alternative to keeping your floor space clear and unencumbered. Keep it simple with a single Wall Shelf, or consider other more extensive wall storage systems, if needed.

Tip 5. Double Duty

The art of decluttering is especially essential in small homes. If you need to limit the number of pieces of furniture in the room, invest in those that serve multiple functions, especially storage.

5. Double Duty

Now it’s time to get creative and put all these tips together! Whether you like oak or prefer teak, we’ve got you covered with these looks.

Bedroom Look 1. Light as Air

For a light and natural oak themed bedroom, the Air bed is an obvious choice, with its slim legs and frame. Pair it with the Cube side table for a light-weight companion that is also the perfect resting place for your reading materials or a glass of water (with a coaster, of course), and easily moved around in your cozy space, and can even double-up as a stool.

To create the illusion of tall walls and high ceilings, pair it with the Glastonbury Stripe Wallpaper (if you are feeling bolder, go for the Woods Wallpaper). Add the Anglepoise Original 1227 sconces for a touch of funky ambient lighting and reflect it with Light Frame Mirror.

Light as Air

For a touch of colour and a comfy night of rest, throw on a set of navy blue stonewashed bedlinen and you are all set!

Bedroom Look 2. Warm Nights

If you still prefer a warmer, darker look in your bedroom, try anchoring it with the Burger bed. Designed with a smaller base so that it looks like it is floating, the Burger bed makes a style statement without overwhelming your room.

Warm Nights

Look up and light up with the edgy Arthur Leather Pendant Lamp and reflect its light with an artistic installation of Notre Monde Heavy Aged Mirror Tray, Slice Mirror Tray and Moroccan Frost Tray, above the Burger bed.

For a luxurious touch, indulge in a set of 600 thread count Egyptian cotton bedlinen from The Secret Linen and keep all your bedside essentials within reach with the Patchwork side table.

Living Room Look 1. Bright Living

Try the petite Oak Nordic TV cupboard in your living space for an entertainment centre that is not constantly getting in the way.

Bright Living

Then, brighten the room in more ways than one and draw the eye upward with the Clive Brass Chandelier. Continue the metallic theme through the room with some copper and transparent vases from Stylo Deco and the Be Still Throw Pillow.

To accentuate the modern, Scandinavian vibe, centre the room with the Orb Coffee Table. This lightweight table boasts curvy metal legs that is anything but boring. Ground it with a brightening stripe rug and you’ve got yourself a bright and cozy space.

Living Room Look 2. Modern Contemporary

This is for the folks who love the warmth of teak but do not want to get too heavy handed with dark colours in a small space. Start with the nimble Essential TV cupboard. Its stainless steel legs are both modern and practical, brightening and elevating the piece so that it feels less dark and bulky.

For an ultra-minimal, barely-there look, pair it with a Peekaboo acrylic coffee table and continue the ‘clear’ trend with the sleek Sounds Sticks III sound system.

Accessorise with textures in the form of the Notre Monde Gate Mirror tray and Icelandic Sheepskin Hide, and brighten with the Martle floral arrangement from the Floral Tease.

Modern Contemporary

Feeling inspired yet? What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?