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5 Key Tips to easily style your Bedroom!

Did you know we actually spend more than one third of our time in our bedroom? No wonder it is essential to make the bedroom a sanctuary that is easy to rest and relax in. Read on to get some easy tips from Helene from on how to style your bedroom.

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Tip 1: Start with your walls
Start with your bedroom wall colour. In general, one would choose light colours rather than dark or garish colours. Blue is available in various shades, inviting us to relax. Pastel green has the same soothing qualities as blue, with the benefit of being more unusual. Lilac and pale purple are synonymous with meditation and relaxation. Light pink is inviting and neutral tones (such as beige, light grey, shades of white) are zen and luminous. Light paintings conducive to peace and quiet are also perfect for the bedroom.

Tip 2: A good quality bed is key
Choose a bed with an exposed wood structure to provide maximum visual comfort. For example, Ethnicraft’s new oak collection allows you to create such an effect. Smooth to the touch, the oak Madra bed is made of solid natural oak and is characterised by refined lines, minimalist curves and light honey tones. Match it with the Madra nightstand to create a cosy and soft atmosphere in your bedroom.

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Tip 3: Dress your bed
To make your bed even more inviting, choose high quality bed linens made of stonewashed linen or fine cotton. The trend now is all about linen and rightly so! It is naturally an excellent thermal regulator for cold or warm weather conditions. Anti-allergic, it is a timeless material, soft to the touch, and that can be tinted in many colours. The more you wash it, the softer it gets and it doesn’t need to be ironed.

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For our styling at Ethnicraft Online’s showroom, I chose white stonewashed linen duvet cover and pillowcases. I added two more navy blue pillowcases but you can easily choose lighter colours such as sky blue, pink lavender or a darker pink. The more pillows and cushions displayed on the bed, the cosier your bedroom becomes.

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Tip 4: Make it personal
Another idea to personalise your bedroom consist in displaying personal objects and decorative accents. We feel reassured when having a look at our loved ones before turning off the light and falling asleep so place photos of family and friends on your nightstand. You can also fix photos to the wall over your bed using colourful masking tapes.

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Need some space for your books for reading in bed? The Madra bed is perfect for this; the edge of its head is wide enough to display books, frames and other decorative accents (vases or bottles for example).

Tip 5: Don’t forget about the floors
Last but not least, place one or more rugs in your bedroom. Whether it is below your bed or next to an office console, soft carpets help to create a comfy atmosphere and helps to visually define a space.

To sum up, you can easily get this effortless chic look to your bedroom by simply choosing light colours, and natural materials such as solid wood furniture and linen. Add a few photo frames and decorative objects to customise your room and - abracadabra -, you’re done!

Helene is the founder of, the first online marketplace for effortless chic home decor and furniture in Singapore. Bed linens, vases and decorative accents shown in the pictures can be purchased online or directly at Stylodeco’s showroom (by appointment only, contact them here)

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