5 Key Points To Consider Before Buying Your Outdoor Furniture

5 Key Points To Consider Before Buying Your Outdoor Furniture

Do you often get tempted to buy outdoor furniture only to realize later that they simply don’t fit your balcony or garden? Don’t make hasty decisions when it comes to outdoor furniture shopping! Here are 5 key considerations to think about before buying your new outdoor furniture.

1. What Type of Material

Knowing which type of material works best outdoors is the first step to finding the perfect outdoor furniture set. In Singapore, rattan or cane is common as they offer many advantages such as their lightness and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Besides these usual materials, there are some others which may have fallen off your radar. For example, Aluminium is known for its highly weather resistant finish and is also incredibly lightweight to boot. Steel, on the other hand, is a little more heavy but that is what makes it extremely durable and strong. One other advantage of metal furniture is that it can be painted and coloured easily. French outdoor furniture brand Fermob has an amazing palette of 24 different colours for each outdoor furniture piece, so it won’t be difficult to find the ideal colour for your patio.

Steel: Heavy & Durable

Aluminium: Weather Resistant & Lightweight

2. Weather Resistance

When it comes to placing your furniture outdoor, you definitely need to think about how weatherproof it is! Due to varying conditions from the scorching sun to heavy rain, you have to think about your furniture’s durability. First, decide if you plan to put your outdoor furniture outside and then leave them in place or if you will like to move them indoors whenever they are not in use. If you prefer the latter, go for light-weight and portable furniture!

For the former, make sure you take extra care in choosing the material. Hardy steel options are best for outdoor furniture pieces that you would want to set up and leave in place.

3. Fit and Sizing

It’s important to consider the space you have in your garden or balcony to determine which furniture pieces will be able to fit. If you have any doubts, take measurements! You definitely don’t want to end up with a table that is too large for your outdoor area. If you have a small space and would like to opt for space-saving furniture, consider stackable chairs such as the Fermob Luxembourg Chairs that will give you more space when you are not using them. Having foldable pieces, such as the Fermob Bistro Folding Tables and Chairs, is also a good solution for small balconies.



4. What’s Your Budget

A fourth consideration is how much you will like to spend. You can work out your budget according to how often you will use your outdoor space, how big you want the furniture pieces to be and the quality you are looking for. If you plan to use your outdoor furniture very often, you might want to allocate a bigger budget to get quality, long-lasting outdoor furniture. On the contrary, if you have a small outdoor area that you foresee using less frequently, you can allocate a smaller budget and look for more affordable options! However, you need not compromise on quality and style even with a small budget. Fermob’s pieces offer a great balance of quality and cost, with prices starting from $110.

5. What You’ll Be Using The Furniture For

Knowing what you will do in the space is essential in deciding what to buy. For example, if you plan to soak up the sun, you’d probably go with a pair of sunloungers. If you’re planning to use your space for social gatherings, an outdoor dining set would be a better bet.

Gathering Area

Relaxing Area

The best way to decide what you will do with your outdoor area is to discuss with your family members and agree on the outdoor pieces you will like to have. This way, you will not be side-tracked and will know exactly what to look out for when you go shopping!