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3 Big Interior Trends To Look Out For!

Now that we are well settled into the year and the first quarter of 2018 is done and dusted, let’s get down to the real big project – revamping your interior space! Not sure where to start? Here’s our take on the top interior trends meant to last throughout the year that will get you inspired!

1. The Wall is your Canvas – for beautiful Art

The Wall is Your Canvas - for Beautiful Art

We all know that colour trends come and go and if you don’t intend to re-paint your walls every year, here’s the perfect solution for you: Wall Art! Wall Art has the ability to transform walls without much hassle and you can easily update your home interior’s look by simply changing what’s hanging on the walls. Dress your walls with contemporary pieces like the Notre Monde Orb Wall Art or Translucent Silhouettes Wall Art to set a subdued and elegant tone to your home.

Translucent Silhouettes Wall Art

If you’re looking for Wall Art that is dual-purpose, give our Notre Monde trays a go. Both decorative and functional, the Notre Monde trays can be used to serve drinks and snacks when they are not adorning your walls as modern art.

Notre Monde Translucent Silhouettes Trays

Our Notre Monde trays come in a wide range of styles and designs so go ahead and inject some personality to your home today - your walls will thank you for this!

2. Back to (Matte) Black

Back to (Matte) Black

A new finish is taking home interiors by storm and we heard it’s dark and mysterious… This finish is none other than matte black. We have definitely been seeing more matte black hardware and fixtures in home spaces this year. Besides being a classic colour that never goes out of style, matte black is also naturally modern which means you won’t get tired of it anytime soon.

Matte Black Finish

Just in case you aren’t convinced that matte black is a design staple that can look as good on larger furniture pieces, check out our all-time favourite Oak Bok Dining Table and Bok Chair in a handsome, classy matte black finish that will be sure to take the spotlight in your dining room!

Oak Bok Dining Table Black

Oak Bok Chair Black

3. Irresistible Gold

Irresistible Gold

While rose gold was a huge hit last year, gold is clearly the way to go and the trend to stay in 2018. We are excited for its appearance in metallic accents and elements, especially in our Notre Monde Gold Leaf Mini Trays and new Bright Abstract collection which consists of a dazzling and expressive colour palette. The bold mixing and matching results in a union of unexpected pops of colours, surprising textures, and luxurious details – all while letting the brilliance of opulent gold shine and take centre stage.

Notre Monde Gold Leaf Mini Trays

Notre Monde Bright Abstract Collection

Notre Monde Bright Abstract Collection on the wall

The human eye is naturally intrigued by anything that is dazzling and shimmering hence, incorporating this bold, beautiful colour is the sure-fire way to get the attention (and compliments) of your guests.

Notre Monde Bright Abstract Collection_Close Up

As the second quarter of 2018 swings into motion, start shopping and have fun recreating your living space. Let us know if you are fans of the trends we have picked out and if you will be giving our tips and ideas a try this summer!